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Supply Chain Management Strategy: Using SCM to Create Greater Corporate Efficiency and Profits
Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno

Drive more value from your supply chain by choosing and implementing the right models and strategies. Supply Chain Management Strategy offers expert guidance for comparing and choosing models, implementing governance, and strategizing to enable sales growth, margin growth, and superior customer experience.

Executing the Supply Chain: Modeling Best-in-Class Processes and Performance Indicators
Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno

Executing the Supply Chain offers expert guidance on driving maximum business value from modern supply chain process mapping and performance measurement. Pioneering supply chain practitioners Alexandre Oliveira and Anne Gimeno introduce powerful techniques for linking processes to customer and shareholder results, systematically managing risk, and increasing resilience across even the most complex supply chain.

Managing Supply Chain Networks: Building Competitive Advantage In Fluid And Complex Environments
Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno

From value chain to value network. The Supply Network Alignment Reference Model. The five forces model. New business environment. Enabling the supply network. Game theory. Chaos Theory. Fluid, complex and competitive. Triggering the transformation. Innovative Planning. Impacted Knowledge areas. MANAGING SUPPLY NETWORKS. CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY NETWORKS. Managing Cash cycles and cash management integration. Risk management and Visibility: Traditional value chain risk management vs. Value network risk management. Metrics and benchmarking.

Customer Service Supply Chain Management: Models for Achieving Customer Satisfaction, Supply Chain Performance, and Shareholder Value
Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno

Customer Service Environment. Customer Service Management Model. Customer´s expectation vs. the hired service level. Customer´s Service Level Perception. Supplier´s Process Performance. Customer relationship horizon. CSM Model Scenarios. Customer Service Processes. Customer service strategies. Customer service and planning logistics. Customer service and synchronous operations. Customer Segmentation. Customer-centric culture. Business-driven customer service. Managing the service. Performance Indicators. Governance. Customer Service Cycle (CSC). Customer service organization. Customer Logistics positions: Analyst, Manager, Director.

A guide to supply chain management: The evolution of supply chain management models, strategies, and practices
Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno

Supply chain, people and knowledge. Supply Chain Networks. Supply Network Alignment Reference Model. Forrester´s Effect. The Efficient Supply Chain. Vendor managed inventory. The lean supply chain. Sales and operations planning. Continuous replenishment program. The Agile supply chain. Efficient consumer response. Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR). The responsive supply chain. Bullwhip effect. The leagile supply chain. Supply chain risk management. Integrated Business Planning. Resilient supply chain. Customer driven supply chain. Demand driven supply chain. Adaptative supply chain. Supply network knowledge areas: Supply chain building blocks; Governance levels; Business Integration; External relationships; Supply Network Management.